Mercado Juarez

Posted on: April 3rd, 2009 by arlington insider


(North Arlington) :2222 Miller Road (access Miller Rd from Ave J, just west of 360)
(South Arlington): 125 E. I-20 near The Parks Mall (northeast corner of I-20 & Matlock)

Generous portions of Tex-Mex fare at reasonable prices, that’s what you’ll find at Mercado Juarez, one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants.

What makes Mercado Juarez different from all the other Tex-Mex places? To start, each person at the table gets their own cup of salsa which is served warm like the tortilla chips. If you like the salsa, you can buy jars to take home for $3.00. The homemade tortillas are excellent and they bring them to you warmed; and you don’t have to ask or pay extra for the tortillas. In addition to standard fare like Enchiladas Plates ($8.99 to $9.99), Burrito Plates ($8.99) and the really big Chimichangas (which are the size of an adult male’s fist), there are Mercado Juarez specials.

Try the “Ultimate Paradilla for Two” ($28.00) which is served on a hibachi and gives you the choice of two of the following: shrimp, chicken, pork beef, carnitas, fajita meat or cabrito.

Speaking of cabrito, for dinner (after 5pm only) you can order Cabrito al Pastor ($14.50). Other specials include Guiso de Res, Carne Asada, and Chicken Tampico.

If you’re into fajitas, you can order the Fajita Blast which serves 4 for $49.99 and includes shrimp, pork, beef and chicken. Be sure to pace yourself. Yes, the entrees are very generous portions. But that doesn’t mean you should skip the appetizers. My dad likes quesadillas so he orders the spinach/avocado/chicken quesadillas as an entrée. For something different as an appetizer, try the Tostadas de Ceviche ($7.29). Instead of regular queso, try the Tejas Dip which includes ground beef, beans, cheese, pico de gallo plus guacamole and sour cream. If you have properly paced yourself, don’t skip dessert. If you like flan, try the Pina Colada Flan ($3.75). We usually order sopapillas ($2.95) but also occasionally treat ourselves to the Fried Ice Cream ($3.75) which is vanilla ice cream with a coating of shredded coconut, then covered in chocolate sauce and whipped cream and served in a cinnamon tostada bowl. It’s a good enough portion to share for dessert.

Prices are very reasonable, especially the lunch specials ($6.79 to $8.99) which are served until 5pm each Monday thru Friday. You’ll see lots of locals on workdays eating there at lunch because it’s a good price.

For seniors (ages 55 and up) the specials are only $5.99. Happy Hour includes Budweiser drafts for just $2 and mugs for $3.50, or a pitcher of margaritas for $16.95.

On our most recent visit for dinner, four of us ate for only $49.15 (plus tip) and that included the fried ice cream dessert. Compared to other Mexican food restaurants around town, I feel like I’m getting more (and better) food for a much better price.

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